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Connecting You to Quality Healthcare Anytime, Anywhere

Mata Global is a leading healthcare technology company with a mission to improve healthcare accessibility and efficiency for all. We have recently launched MyClinicsOnline, a digital platform that connects healthcare providers with patients, offering telehealth services, online consultations, and easy access to medical assistance.


Our Story

Matasa Global in the telemedicine industry in Ghana! Launching e-Health Ghana and later rebranding it as MyCareMobile for Rabito Clinic shows your commitment to providing healthcare services to patients at their convenience. The fact that the portal has served more than 11,000 patients demonstrates its successful adoption and utility.

Now, with the launch of MyClinicsOnline targeting pensioners, it seems you are expanding your reach to a specific demographic in need of accessible healthcare services. This move could prove beneficial given the growing number of pensioners who may require healthcare assistance.

It's inspiring to see businesses like Matasa Global utilizing technology to bridge the gap in healthcare services and bringing them closer to patients. If you have any specific questions or need further assistance with anything related to your business or the telemedicine industry, feel free to ask!

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